How To Create A Function For Right Click Disable On Website? Here is an example of how you can disable right-clicking on a website using JavaScript:

document.addEventListener("contextmenu", function(event) {
}, false);

This code listens for the “contextmenu” event, which is triggered when a user right-clicks on the page. When the event is triggered, the preventDefault method is called to prevent the default behavior (i.e. the display of the context menu).

Note that disabling right-clicking on a website is generally not a recommended practice, as it can interfere with users’ ability to access the context menu for navigation and other purposes. It may also negatively impact accessibility for users who rely on right-click to access certain features or functions.

In general, it is best to provide users with access to all of the features and functionality they expect from a website, including the context menu. If you need to prevent users from accessing certain features or functions, there are alternative approaches that can be used, such as providing clear instructions or using other mechanisms to limit access.