People often get confused on the difference between brand vs Brand Identity. A brand is the overall perception and image that a company or product has in the mind of consumers. It includes elements such as reputation, customer loyalty, and the emotional and functional associations that consumers have with the company or product.

Brand identity, on the other hand, is the visual and verbal elements that a company uses to communicate and differentiate itself from its competitors. This includes things like a company’s name, logo, typography, color scheme, and messaging.

In simpler terms, a brand is the overall perception of a company or product, while brand identity is the specific elements that the company uses to create that perception. Brand identity is a subset of brand, it’s the visual and verbal elements that help shape and communicate the brand, it is the face of the brand.

A strong brand identity is essential for building a strong brand, as it helps create a consistent and recognizable image for the company or product. It helps to communicate the company’s values, mission and the benefit it offers to the customers.