The compatibility of extensions with the Hyvä theme depends on the specific extension and version of the theme you are using. Some popular Magento extensions that are known to work well with the Hyvä theme include:

  1. Mega Menu: Allows you to create and customize a mega menu for your website, which can improve navigation and make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.
  2. AJAX Layered Navigation: Allows customers to filter products by various attributes without having to reload the page.
  3. Quick View: Allows customers to view product details in a lightbox without having to navigate to the product page.
  4. Product Zoom: Provides a zoom feature for product images, which can help customers get a closer look at products.
  5. One Step Checkout: Allows customers to complete their purchase on a single page, rather than having to fill out multiple forms, which can improve the checkout experience and increase conversion rates.
  6. Lazy Load: Optimizes the page load speed by loading images only when they are visible to the customer.
  7. SEO Suite Ultimate: Provides a wide range of SEO features such as rich snippets, meta tags, and sitemaps to improve your website’s visibility and search engine ranking.
  8. Advanced Reports: Provides detailed analytics and reports on your store’s performance, such as sales and customer data.

It’s recommended to check with the theme developer or the extension developer to make sure that the extension is compatible with your version of the theme before purchasing or installing it.