Merlin is an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides an AI-powered code completion tool for developers. It uses natural language processing to understand what the developer is trying to do and suggests code snippets based on that intent. It also helps with debugging by suggesting fixes for common errors or by identifying potential issues in the code. Merlin is similar to GitHub Copilot, but it’s a separate tool and it’s available as an extension for Visual Studio Code. It’s open-source and it’s created by the company Hootsuite.

Merlin uses machine learning to understand the context of the code and provide suggestions for code snippets and automated repetitive tasks. It’s designed to help developers write code more efficiently and reduce the time spent on tasks such as debugging and code completion.

The extension is compatible with various programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue, and more. It also has the ability to generate entire files, such as configuration files or boilerplate code, based on the developer’s intent.

Merlin is being continuously updated, and the developers are working on adding new features and improving the existing ones. It’s a popular tool among developers and it has a high rating on the Visual Studio Code marketplace.